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Reid Brothers Construction Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality materials. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information and pricing details, please contact us:
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction
Crushed Rock:
    *1/2" minus
    *3/4" minus
    *1" minus
    *1 1/2" minus
    *3" minus
    *6" minus

Drain Rock:
Wall Rock:
  *Wall rock        comes in all shapes and sizes.
   *Sand comes from Thomas Bay
Screen Dirt:
   *We screen our own dirt on site.  The dirt is screened down to 1" and is very fertile
   *We stock piling in a wide variety of sizes and lengths
   *We stock both filter fabric and typar
   *Perf: 4" & 6"
    4",6", 8",
    12", and 18"
Plumbing and Septic:
   *We carry a variety of piping and fittings to meet most septic and water hookups
For More Information or Questions about other products we may have Please:  
                                          Call 907-772-3755